Plan of Project Tomasulo Visual


  1. Build a project to visualize the workflow of Tomasulo’s algorithm.
  2. The project should contain at least these parts: Cycle graph, Register info, Pipeline, Data info, Code info and statistics.
  3. We can add some additional components.


  1. Language: Java
  2. GUI Support: Swing
  3. Collaboration Platform: GitHub
  4. Divide pattern: By components. Each one 2 components.
  5. DDL: Next week(Oct 29)
  6. Algorithm Reference: Youtube

Reference Images

![WinMips64](Plan de Project Tomasulo Visual/image-20191022180533866.png)

![Slides](Plan de Project Tomasulo Visual/image-20191022180615852.png)

![Youtube Course](Plan de Project Tomasulo Visual/image-20191022180646659.png)