Quick Tutorial on how to find e-books, movies and musics

1. Download a chrome, or use your safari

  • If you don’t have a chrome, install it!
  • This tutorial is based on chrome, you can do almost the same on safari.

2. Add TamperMonkey on Chrome WebApp

  • Click This Link to access chrome web app page, or simply click here:

  • Search TamperMonkey in the search box which located at the left top corner of the page.
  • Click Add to Chrome button on the right on the div.
  • Wait until the installation finished, during the process some verification is needed.

  • After installation, you can see this icon showing on your tab bar.

  • Click this icon, and go into the script searching page by clicking “Get new scripts” button.

  • Then you will be in this page, choose to visit “GreasyFork” Website.

  • Search “豆瓣资源大师” in the searching box.

  • Visit the next page shown.

  • Click “Install this script” button to install this script.

  • Ok, the installation stage is finished, you can start download resources!

3. Browse http://douban.com/ to search and download your resource!

  • For example, you want to get a book associated with machine learning, you just need to search it in douban books.

  • Then, if you want to download the machine learning book with flowers on its cover :), click it and go into the item page. Notice, the scrip installed just now uses multi-thread and is memory-consuming, so your browser may be stuck there for a little while, that’s normal and don’t shut down the tab!

  • Then you will notice that on the right of the page, you can see resources from any website. The script will detect whether the resource exists, and display the result in different color. Light blue ones mean that you can find resources by visiting this link, while yellow ones tell you that this certain resource doesn’t exist here. And these websites are classified, so if you have a certain preference, just follow the label and you will get what you want!

4. Also, you can search for movies and music in the same way!